I moved into the Trinity House for my freshman year in the fall of 2007. At that point in my life I had been a Christian for two years, but the only evidence of that life was spotty church attendance at best.

I was anticipating dabbling in some of the college drinking culture, and was unsure how Trinity was going to fit into my college experience. What I didn’t anticipate is how the community that I found at the house would transform not only that experience, but also my life and walk with Christ.

As I settled in to my new home, I found mentors and friends there that loved me like Christ, many of whom I am still close to today. When I made mistakes, I was met with truth that was founded in grace. As the year went on, and the influence of living in Christian community continued to be used by God, my desire for worldly temptations decreased. And when it was time to decide my living situation for the following year, I was surprised by my desire to stay.

I am deeply thankful for what I’ve received. The Trinity House offered me a home, rather than simply a room to rent. I found a family of Christian sisters that welcomed and cared for me. I found people who cared enough about me to ask me the hard questions about my decisions. I found a community that not only wanted to help me seek Jesus, but to encourage me to use my gifts and passions for Him.

Ultimately, Trinity became a greenhouse for my spiritual growth as a disciple of Christ; for it was there that I discovered what it meant to truly seek God daily and to strive to live, love and lead like Jesus.

— Danielle

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