Last week at Kid Life, one of our college students, named Lane was teaching on being “All in for Jesus.”

At the end of the talk, he gave kids an opportunity to begin following Jesus for the first time or decide to re-dedicate their lives to following Him.

In response, a boy named Trevor raised his hand. Trevor told the whole group of fourth and fifth graders that he wanted to re-commit his life to following Jesus. Right in the moment, the whole class just grouped around him, and prayed.

“it was really cool to see all the other kids step up and be mature”

Sam, our 4th & 5th Grade intern shared that it was an amazing moment because “there was no talking, or distracting one another,” (these are nine and ten year olds!) but the kids all just rallied around Trevor to support and pray for him.

What is Kid Life?

Kid Life is our Life Groups program for kids.

It's the best night of the week!