After close to 30 hours of travel the team is safely in Amman.  We arrived yesterday, early Sunday evening, and we were greeted by our hosts at the Amman airport.  All of our luggage made it across the world with us and when we put our bags through the x-ray machine in customs the security office asked about one box “soccer balls?” and gave us a thumbs up as we pushed our loaded carts through the terminal.

Team Arrives

We raced through Jordanian downtown  traffic, the rules of which seem to be very few and far between but the general feeling is one of assertiveness. The city was vibrant and busy with shops lined up closely together.  So far it seems that Amman is a mix of new and old.  The ancient ruins of a capital amphitheater juxtaposed by the massive IKEA, that’s right IKEA, building we passed before entering the heart of the capital.

We are excited to begin the next 3 days with a local school and church working with both the children and teachers in elements of trauma counseling.  We expect that many of the children that we will see in this segment will have come from Iraq as refugees.