A year ago, Joe Tepe, our college pastor, asked students on the college leadership team for their ideas on reaching students for Jesus and changing the culture on campus. One of the ideas was to  have John Mark Comer, come from the Portland to teach on his book Loveology, about God’s design for relationships and sexuality.

The idea of having Loveology in Eugene started in a living room, and after months of planning, prayer, and hard work, students saw the vision come to life. The night of the Loveology event, 830 people packed into a gym for three hours of Bible teaching and Q&A.

But it didn’t come easy! Students handed out flyers, posted on social media, invited their friends, and even hosted a table at the EMU. The night of the event a team of thirty students scanned tickets, setup chairs, sold books, and tore down afterwards.The students also engaged other on-campus ministries and churches to foster collaboration and unity among the Christians on campus.

Ten different ministries were represented, and during the Q&A pastors from four different churches sat together to give practical wisdom to student’s questions. There was even a small group translating the message into Chinese so international students could hear the message! It was a tremendous example of the larger body of Christ working together.

Joe Tepe was thrilled with the student leadership team, saying this will serve as an example to “keep taking risks for Jesus and keep dreaming big dreams.”

The event  was definitely a success, an now our college team is now looking beyond the evening itself to see the impact on student’s lives. In response to the number of students and adults who attended, Joe said, “Numbers are cool.  People are better.” He’s already had numerous conversations with college students, including one student who said, “I learned that sex isn’t something to be scared of, but something that Jesus has given us to be enjoyed in marriage.”

Thank you to our college team for leading the way and reaching the needs and hearts of college student here in Eugene. We’re excited for your next “ideas.”


Photos by student leaders on our College team