This weekend, a team from our church is headed to Amman, Jordan to work with refugee children from Syria and Iraq.

The team is partnering with an International NGO and is prepared to provide trauma counseling to 300 children during their trip, using a technique called EMDR- a therapeutic intervention used in trauma counseling. The team will also be focused on training trainers working with the refugees while assisting children in the healing process.

The church in Jordan sees this as a strategic time to meet the physical needs of the people of Syria, and build eternal relationships. It’s a privilege to send a team from our church to come alongside the local church and support them in their faithful work.

When Abraham, who attends at First Baptist Church, heard about the Jordan team he decided he wanted to do something to help. He knew the team was working with children, so he decided to put together a GoFundMe and on his own, raised $250 to buy soccer balls to send with the team. They’ll also be bringing  12 large bottles of vitamins to give to children in need.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll keep you updated on the team’s progress.