When you think of college students and Top Ramen, you’re probably thinking about a cheap meal between rounds of “studying” and video games. Most of the time, you’d be right, except for when our College team gets involved, dreaming up some of the craziest games for students.

Last weekend, CCF (our college group) hosted the first ever Community Group games. They did a human-sized version of hungry hippos, mud crawling, paint wars, and…here comes the ramen…all out food fight.

Emily Rand, our CCF Women’s Director, said “it was exciting to see what the Lord did.” Not only was there good weather (in late October), but another unexpected blessing was the collaboration between ministries to help pull it off. CCF borrowed lots of rec equipment from our Middle School Ministry, Camp Harlow hosted the event and served lunch, and adults from First B helped to referee the games. One of the families from church even helped track down a special tractor rototiller to make the mud pit.

The games were messy, fun, and crazy, but Emily was especially proud of Megan Rice, one of CCF’s leadership students who shared during lunch. Megan shared the Gospel and also spoke specifically about the impact of community in her life. Emily said it was “a sweet time of bonding and connecting for those in our community as well as a few new faces.”

If you’re a college student and want to learn more about our CCF (our college group) click here.