Our group was working at the HIV Alliance (HIVA) facility in Eugene. This organization serves people in our community who are HIV positive. The drugs to treat this disease have gotten much better, but the disease is still difficult to live with, and the HIVA serves a population with a lot of needs.

I was digging a hole for a little tree while a family of three painted the front door of the HIVA. (It’s a big wooden door with a brass knob and kick plate, like the kind you’d see on a nice house.) It was o its hinges and leaning against the wall, and the Brodericks (Jon, Rochelle, and six-year-old Emy) were carefully giving it a fresh coat of deep red.

It struck me that since we are the hands and feet of Jesus, then I was watching Him paint the door, using the Brodericks as His instruments. Like everyone else at the site, they seemed to be enjoying themselves, even though painting doesn’t usually fall under the heading of “family fun.”

When the paint was dry, and the door was back on its hinges, it made a beautiful, welcoming entrance. From now on, every client coming to the HIVA for help will touch the door that was painted as an expression of Jesus’ love for them.

Editor’s note: I can’t help but marvel at the symbolism here. One red door signifies one way to the truth purchased by the blood of Christ.