Postponing Plans Due To New Restrictions

Our state government has returned to a phase-one lock-down in response to the recent Covid outbreak, which, unfortunately, affects several of our public gatherings.


First of all, a whole host of FBC ministries fall safely within the new Covid restrictions and will continue unaffected. However, several do not. The new mandate is straightforward and leaves us few options.

So, for the sake of protecting our staff and congregation, as well as our witness to the community:

  • Beginning this Wednesday, November 18, and until further notice (as we suspect this may last longer than two weeks), we are postponing all programming designed to exceed the 25-person limit, including all Sunday Watch Groups and Sunday School Classes. This also includes delaying the launch of our live, in-person service during the 10:30am hour.


  • We are also postponing Ignite on Wednesday afternoons, as well as, the FBC Gatherings on Thursday evenings.


  • These new restrictions also affect our Life Groups, as the mandate limits in-home gatherings to 6, with no more than two families. We certainly will not “police” this, but recommend that home groups follow this mandate.


Other ministries may be affected, but these are the ones we felt needed to be addressed at this time. This new development is disappointing, especially during Thanksgiving, but hopefully these measures will help stop the recent rise in Covid cases and deaths. Several immunizations are nearing release and there is a light at the end of the tunnel…just need to hold tight a bit longer.