Learn How Our Church Body Has Been Living, Loving, and Leading Like Jesus Amidst A Year of Tests and Trials


The First Baptist Church gave $70,348 to help 768 families in need in ways like paying for utilities, food, transportation, rent/temporary housing, medical needs and Thanksgiving baskets

We supported many organizations including the Eugene Mission, Dove Medical, Love For Lane County, 15th Night, One Hope, Every Child, HIV Alliance and NEHS Black Student Union

Our YTD revenue for the church is $5,206,677

We have documented over 14,924 total combined hours of zoom calls throughout ministries

We have created 228 daily boosts, reaching over 30,000 views

We have successfully produced over 88 Sunday live streams in which 29,556 devices have watched the entire service

We have welcomed 87 new volunteers to serve on 5 different connections teams

On Easter alone, 34 people indicate a desire to learn more about Christ, by rasing a hand during our livestream services

We have 37 missionaries in over 4 continents this year

The Middle School Ministry regularly collected cans and bottles to raise funds for Compassion International, the Vasava Boys’ home, and for other charitable causes around Eugene and Springfield

The reduced building use allowed for the facilities team to catch up and even get far ahead on many repairs and maintenance projects, as well as safety and usability improvements

There has been over 100 Kids Live Episodes reaching to children both within our ministry, and those outside of our First B community

The Renewal Ministry has taken advantage of running classes through a virtual platform through being able to offer their ministries to those outside of our local community

Some of our Seniors made magnificent Milestones and Memories:

A couple of our Senior Friends have reached the century mark, celebrating their 100th Birthday, while other couples celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversaries

The College ministry continued ministering to students in the area by using their two houses, Alpha Omega and Trinity, and continued to have around 20 residents between them over spring term

The Worship team had an addition of new leaders, new worship team members and increased mentorship in the area of worship, made possible by support from the church’s wonderful tech teams

2020 will go down as the most challenging in my 43 years of pastoral ministry. It began with an 8-week study through Jesus’ Beatitudes from Matthew 5 and how the kindness of Christ’s kingdom is diametrically opposed to the racism that has and continues to plague our nation. This series proved to be “ahead of the curve,” as the matter of racism exploded only a few weeks later and has dominated the nation’s collective attention ever since.

Then, to exacerbate racial tensions, the viral pandemic shut us down and the political rhetoric amped us up—the three combined to create the perfect storm for what has followed. In the chaos, we have had to retool our public ministry completely, pivoting to online, live-streaming methods, while staying on track with our mission. Our IT department has been nothing short of heroic in this process, and in some ways, our ministry reach is greater now, than it’s ever been.

After the series from Matthew, we engaged in a 12-week study of Philippians, one of the most comforting, joy-infusing books in the Bible. We learned how to have the mind and peace of Christ in times of great pain and loss.

By July, I was completely spent. I had only been out of the pulpit twice in a 10-month period, and like most of the staff during that time, I had postponed all my vacation. So this summer, I was able to step away from preaching duties for several weeks, and it refreshed me deeply.

Upon my return to the pulpit, we did a short series through the story of Joseph from Genesis. We learned how God, in his greatness and goodness, works sovereignly behind the scenes to turn the evil intentions and actions of people into ultimate good.

Now, we are in 1 Peter, an enormously relevant book for our time. We are learning how to navigate as “exiles” in a world that is not our home and is growing more hostile to the Gospel every year.

Without question, historians will look back on 2020 as a defining moment in human history. We must not lose heart or give in to fear! Our God is not just a little bit sovereign. He is in full control, and we are more than conquerors in his Son. So, I am looking forward to discovering, with all of you, what opportunities 2021 affords us to be faithful to our King.

– Pastor Ben Cross