2016 Annual Report


Our goal is to be disciples who make disciples, and this profile gives us a picture of what a mature disciple of Jesus looks like.


60 People Decided to be Baptized in 2016

Life Groups

“We felt called to be Life Group leaders because we had great experiences with community groups through the CCF college ministry. Our Life Group includes  young adults: some married, some working, and some in school. We seek to be actively serving in our community and in each other’s lives as we strive to be more like Jesus.” –Ali & Jesse O’Connor, Life Group Leaders

Kids & Adults Involved in Life Groups

Life Group Leaders


People Attended a Class in 2016

People Attended 101 Class, Required for Membership at FBC

First B Women

100 Women Attended Quenched Summer Series

200 Women in Bible Studies

“We had an amazing time at the coast for our first ever away retreat! The speakers gave us great insights on our topic of friendship. The fellowship was great, the food and accommodations were fantastic, and the weather was beautiful!  Fun and growth was had by all!” –Marianne Driscoll, Women’s Ministry Pastor

First B Men

TUSK Mens’ Group Learned About Bibical Parenting and Fatherhood

Bridge Men’s Group Encouraged Weekly “Nudges” to Move Forward in Life

1,200 Chairs Stacked for Cleaning Each Month by Ignite Men’s Group

Sunday Mornings



56 volunteers help weekly with  ushering, hosting, information, security, and parking. Connections also lends support in the same areas for Christmas, Easter, and other large events that occur during the year.

Volunteer with Connections


The Green Team maintains 7.64 acres of lawn at FBC with 8 faithful volunteers who mow, edge, and blow leaves for 7 months a year.

Volunteer with Facilities

IT & Media

During the year, it takes over 3,000 volunteer hours to run Sunday morning technical ministries. Our IT team maintains 610 devices every single week!

Volunteer with IT & Media

First B Cares





The First B Cares Ministry works to connect individuals and small groups to the church family and the church family to the world for the cause of Christ. First B Cares provides a means to help those in need within the church, the community and the world while helping those in the church body be the hands and feet of Jesus, practically serving others. 




25 Missionary Families From FBC – At Least 1 on Every Continent

“In February, Ernie Penner, missionary with GEM, expressed the need for help processing refugees arriving at the destitute island of Lesvos. In response, just a few months later, we sent a team of 6 from FBC to assist in the name of Jesus. In October, we sent a team of 7 to Jordan where there are hundreds of Syrian refuges. The team trained nationals in therapy methods to help refugees break free from the tyranny of their horrible life altering experiences.” –Glen Eickmeyer, Missions Pastor


Along with global missions, hundreds of volunteers from FBC participate in local missions every year.

As an outreach to the Eugene and Springfield area, KidLife families hosted a Color Run with a turn out of over 100 runners!  The biggest win was seeing new faces at FBC on the following Sundays!

Serve Fest

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I never knew that [one’s] intent to serve the Lord could bring so much joy, personally and to others. I love living life together and being the hands and feet of Jesus in our community…seems like a heavenly picnic!”- Jody Boyer, Volunteer at the Eugene Mission



“As we served with our site team, we were amazingly blessed by the opportunity to work together to benefit those ministered to by Dove Medical.” –Dan and Julie Davis, Volunteers at Dove Medical

Camp Harlow

Campers This Summer

See What a Day of Camp Looks Like 

Campers Trusted Jesus

“My granddaughter had a great time at camp this summer. Even now as school has started, her cabin mates have stayed in contact and have become really good friends!” –Grandparent of a Camper

Harvest Time

Harvest Time is an event held at Camp Harlow on Halloween every year. With all sorts of games, candy and food, Harvest Time provides a very fun experience for families from the whole community! We had over 1,400 guests, and over 200 volunteers this year!

1st B Kids

“The most resonating element from our Sunday school lesson on Jericho was not the ram’s horns or the walls crashing down (though that was fun); it was that God asked his people to remember his provision in helping them across the Jordan River. Each preschool child held a rock in their tiny hands for the duration of the lesson and thought of how God takes care of them. Holding a rock reminds us of God’s Provision.” –Anna Lancaster, 1st B Kids Pastor

Middle School

Middle Schoolers Attend Every Sunday

Middle Schoolers & Leaders Fasted for the 30-Hour Famine

High School




Along with Sunday Morning services, the High School Group goes on many different retreats throughout the year, such as the coast, the lake, Eastern Oregon, and last but not least, a week long mission trip to Mexicali Mexico.

Check out the retreats 


“CCF has provided me with an opportunity to reconnect myself with God and join a community of caring fellow students who share my faith and are facing the same challenges as me. Through CCF, I have formed life-long friendships, created wonderful memories, and have even been baptized. CCF has really given purpose to my time here at UO.” –Veronica Popchock, UO Student

Residents Who Live in the Trinity and AO Houses

Students Involved in Summer Missions


of Regular Attenders, are Involved in a CCF Lifegroup

International Students

“We restarted the International Student Lunch (40+ year ministry) which had been dormant for two years. This lunch is a simple, yet profound way to meet international students and begin a friendship over a meal.” –Paul Heriott, Young Adults Pastor

Renewal Ministries and Counseling

First B’s Counseling Team spends some 70-90 face to face hours in pastoral care/counseling in a month on average. The largest group served are women, next men, then marriages and finally, teens. We serve our membership, attendees and people from the community, believers or not, depending on time available and individual counselor/pastoral care competency. 

Hours of Counseling Each Month

Renewal Classes

Participants in Renewal Classes

Thankful For the Blessing


In August this year, all of the outstanding debt on the church property was officially payed off. We are very thankful for everyone’s generous giving, and the part that you all played in securing the blessing of this property for many years to come.

Watch the Burning of the Mortgage