Rent Breakdown

This is just the financial breakdown.

Money can’t account for the amazing Christian community, lasting friendships, and fun events that will all be part of life at the AO or Trinity houses.

Hopefully this information will help you make the best decision for you as you decide on housing for next year.

Cost for the 2018-2019

School year:


Monthly Rent



The cost of food includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, as well as a cook preparing lunches and dinners 5 days of the week.



Utilities include: Water, sewer, electricity, garbage, internet, and cable (AO).



This percentage is allocated to compensate house management to make leadership of the houses and care of the residents their top priority.



Includes: House activities, taxes, insurance, mortgage, and other expenses



The cost of maintaining the houses and quickly resolving major and minor repairs.

Other Items Included in Rent


Bed, desk, and desk chair in each bedroom

Full use of the kitchen

Fully furnished common areas, including study spaces as well as TV rooms

How does rent compare with other campus-area housing?

Cost of average dorm on campus: $1,328/month

(Includes meals and utilities)

Cost of 2-bedroom apartment, equivalent distance from campus: $900/month

($650 rent + $50 utilities + $200 food)

Cost of the AO or Trinity house: $795/month

(Includes meals and utilities)

  • AO & Trinity
  • 2-bedroom apartment
  • Average Dorm

*Note: The majority of housing near campus require 12-month leases. That could mean an extra $1950 if your monthly rent is $650. If you plan on going home or traveling during the summer, you could be paying rent for something you’re not using. That would be like adding another $200 to your monthly rent!

AO and Trinity have 9-month leases (September-June), with the option of staying over the summer for a cheaper price.