Alpha Omega House

The Alpha Omega House is a Christian cooperative living situation for college-age men owned and operated by First Baptist Church. The AO house is located right across the street from the University of Oregon at 1332 Kincaid St. The purpose of AO is to provide an encouraging and affordable living situation where Christian college-age men are built up in their relationships with God and with one another. In light of this heartbeat, the house aims at establishing a rewarding and healthy environment where all facets of college-age life (spiritual, academic, intellectual, emotional, cultural, social, and athletic) may be pursued in ways honoring to God.

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There is currently a waiting list for AO’s 2018-2019 school year.
We still invite you to apply as openings may become available.

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If application won’t open, please email us at and we’ll email you a copy as soon as possible.