Life Group Leader Training

Whether this is your first time leading a group or your fifteenth, these videos are here to equip and inspire you as you lead an FBC Life Group.

Follow along as we learn how to initiate, facilitate, and create a gospel-centered atmosphere that people love to be part of and love to invite others to join. As a ministry, Life Groups desire to be small communities of people in authentic relationships that are living, loving, and leading like Jesus. Our prayer is that lives would be transformed, God’s mission would be lived out, and more disciples would be made through life groups.

What Is A Life Group?

Welcome to LG Leader Training
God’s Missional Heart

Missional Community

Know Your Why

The Life Groups Why

What is a life group leader?

The Heart of a Shepherd

Discipleship in Groups

Hospitality and Curiosity

Love Shows Up


How to Lead a Life Group

Getting Your Group Started

Group Facilitation Tips and Tricks

Raising up Leaders

Serving Together

Topical Helps

Self Care as a Leader

Power of Prayer

What is a Coach?

Creating Safe Spaces for the Hurting and Marginalized

Great Job!