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  Ways to Encourage Global Workers    

  • Learn about their family and work. Read their updates and thank them for keeping you informed.
  • Let them know you are praying for them. Personally in your time, or during your small group Bible Study, pray for one of our global workers
  • Encourage them. Tell them they are doing a great job and you are thinking of them
  • Send Birthday  and Christmas  greetings
  • Recommend a good book that might be an encouragement to them
  • Share what you are learning spiritually and how God is encouraging you in your walk with Him
  • Share a photo of your family, pet., or something you found interesting on Pinterest
  • Let them know it is okay to take a break from work and enjoy the country to which God has sent them. It is okay to have fun.
  • Send them something humorous. Laughter is good for the soul.

 Content Caution  

Some of our global workers live in restricted-access countries. Electronic  communication in these countries is not private. This includes email, Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other social media driven communication. When writing someone in a sensitive country avoid using the words below. Using such words may put the workers  at risk or harm to themselves or to people with whom they minister .

  • First Baptist Church
  • New Believers
  • House Church
  • Underground church
  • Missionaries
  • Pastor/ Bishop
  • Ministry
  • Salvation
  • Conversion
  • Accept Christ as a Savior
  • Ask Jesus into his/her heart
  • Miracles
  • Born again
  • Bibles
  • Pastor’s conference
  • Brothers or sisters in Christ
  • Jesus Christ
  • Gospel
  • Christians
  • Muslims
  • Buddhists
  • Sunnis/ Shias
  • Islam
  • Mohammad
  • Caste System
  • Hindu/ Hinduis
  • False gods
  • Team
  • Muslim Background believer
  • Politics/ Protest
  • Government
  • Revolution
  • Baptism
  • Missions
  • Name of churches
  • Full names of anyone
  • Names of organizations
  • Specific locations