Over the next six weeks, 40 days to be exact, First B will be praying for gospel renewal in our world, community, church, families and friends, and in our own lives. Let’s pray with intention and anticipation for what God will do with us and through us as we work and wait for Holy Week!

Week 1 – Prayers of thanksgiving
Week 2 – Prayers for our global outreach
Week 3 – Prayers for our community outreach
Week 4 – Prayers for our church
Week 5 – Prayers for family and friends
Week 6 – Prayers for our personal impact

Go here for instructions on making a 40 Days of Prayer Chain!

Week 1 – Prayers of thanksgiving

Day 1 – Pray and thank God for all He has provided.

Day 2 – Pray and thank God for His perfect timing.

Day 3 – Pray and thank God for His grace and kindness.

Day 4 – Pray and thank God that He can be trusted.

Day 5 – Pray and thank God for the perfect life of Jesus.

Day 6 – Pray and thank God for the Jesus-followers in your life.

Day 7 – Pray and thank God that Jesus is coming back again.

Week 2 – Prayers for our global outreach

Day 8 – At 94, Pray for Dr. Don S as he sets up a School of Theology and Mission in Africa.

Day 9 – Pray for Caitlin’s energy heading up a refugee center in a country that opposes Christianity.

Day 10 – Pray for Dr Larry S as he moves to his fourth continent and is learning his fifth and sixth languages.

Day 11 – Pray for Katie’s language learning while living with a host family. Pray God’s direction for her ministry.

Day 12 – Pray for Dr Joel B in Poland to be a messenger of God’s peace to the Ukrainian refugees in his classes.

Day 13 – Pray for Ron and Jacqui as they head up ten different Bible translations; pray for organization, wisdom, and clarity.

Day 14 – Pray for Chris and Kai as they seek to help their friends and former neighbors in Turkey and Syria.

Week 3 – Prayers for our community outreach

Day 15 – Pray for One Hope and their ministry partners as they unite churches in reaching our area with the Good News.

Day 16 – Pray for Youth for Christ and Young Life as they work outside the walls of the church to reach teens for Jesus.

Day 17 – Pray for the Eugene Mission as they look to restore dignity and hope in fellow image bearers of God who are lost.

Day 18 – Pray for the universities, colleges, and schools in our area that God would spark revival in the hearts of students.

Day 19 – Pray for the teachers, professors, and administrators of our schools that they would experience the love of Jesus.

Day 20 – Pray for the housing situation in our area that the unhoused could find shelter, safety, and a path off the streets.

Day 21 – Pray for businesses, large and small, to experience revival due to employees sharing their faith in Jesus.

Week 4 – Prayers for our church

Day 22 – Pray for Camp Harlow and the youth that will be hearing the gospel at Spring Break Camp and summer camps.

Day 23 – Pray for our elders as they oversee the direction and faithfulness of our church to the Great Commission of Jesus.

Day 24 – Pray for our pastors and staff as they shepherd and direct the day-to-day ministries of the church and their families.

Day 25 – Pray for God to fill open positions with people who are called to this place that will help us make more disciples.

Day 26 – Pray that former members and regular attenders may feel welcome in coming back again this Easter. 

Day 27 – Pray that our Holy Week activities impact our city.

Week 5 – Prayers for family and friends

Day 28 – Pray for followers of Jesus in your circle, that they may be encouraged to follow all the more.

Day 29 – Pray for loved ones that have left the faith or are searching; that they will come or come back again to Jesus.

Day 30 – Pray that God will bring to mind a loved one you can share the upcoming Holy Week with and make the invitation.

Day 31 – Pray for the health of sick, injured, or aging friends and family. Ask for healing, comfort, peace, and help.

Day 32 – Pray for reconciliation and healing in broken relationships. Pray for wisdom, counsel, and forgiveness.

Day 33 – Pray for discipleship opportunities in your circle; that God can use you to walk with someone younger in their faith.

Day 34 – Pray for loved ones searching for their purpose that God would show them the path they should walk in His timing. 

Week 6 – Prayers for our personal impact

Day 35 – Remembering Palm Sunday, pray for renewed energy in following a triumphant King Jesus wherever He leads.

Day 36 – Pray for an opportunity to share your story of how Jesus has changed you and invite them to a Holy Week event.

Day 37 – Pray for our Remembrance Meal as we remember God’s faithfulness. Pray for more faithfulness in your life.

Day 38 – Pray for God’s illumination on His purposes for your life that this season of life is one of living on mission for Him.

Day 39 – Pray that you remember Christ’s suffering when you suffer, so you remember that Jesus understands and sees you.

Day 40 – Pray and reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice for your sins.