Betrayal & Beyond

(Pure Desire)


Has your life been shattered by the impact of betrayal and broken trust? Has the foundation of what you thought was real been shaken to the core?


You are not alone. There is hope for healing, redemption and restoration.

God desires to rebuild a foundation with truth and grace around your heart that will provide a covering of safety and protection. For this purpose, Pure Desire Ministries has designed a specific treatment program and small group curriculum for women (Betrayal & Beyond) who want to discover a new sense of hope, healing, restoration and healthy relationships.

Betrayal & Beyond is a support group for women who have been affected by men in their lives that struggle with sexual addition (pornography, infidelity, compulsive sexual behavior, etc.). Participants learn tools that will help them make wise biblical decisions, set healthy relationship boundaries, and process through their own hurt, shame, trauma, anger, and grief. Group duration is eight to ten months.

Meets Weekly – Please contact us for specific meeting times.
Fee: $45

Also Available:

For Men Only: Support group for men struggling with sexual addictions. Sundays 8:30AM  For more info. Visit our FMO Page 

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