Button Pushers

Tuesdays 6:30pm – 8:00pm in the Garden Room
Next Class To Be Announced
Fee: $15

We all have people in our lives who know how to push our buttons and make us crazy. Button Pushers is creating boundaries for the people who are button pushers in your life. Often times, the person who pushes your buttons is likely someone who matters to you and is connected to you by blood, love, faith or money, so you can’t just end the relationship. Come join this 6 week course to understand how you can engage the Button Pushers in your life in a healthy way.

Also Available:

Safe People: Provides skills in finding relationships that are good for you and avoiding those that are not. For more info. Visit our Safe People Page 

Boundaries: Knowing how to create healthy boundaries for myself and with those around me. For more info. Visit our Boundaries Page

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