Chained No More

Classes to Resume In 2021

Fee $35 

“Chained No More” was developed for adult men and women (ages 18+) who have experienced the separation and divorce of their parents and have also experienced other childhood trauma. Classes (co-ed and women-only) are led by caring and experienced leaders who walk alongside participants as they explore and address the issues from childhood experiences. Classes are limited to ten attendees. Participants will discover, by working through class materials and discussions, the power their past has had on their relationships, decisions and life in general. They will find solid healing through God’s word and receive effective practical tools to move forward…Chained No More.


  • Take participants back to the divorce of their parents or other painful experiences
  • Help them explore the power it has had on their lives
  • Bring them toward the Lord’s healing
  • Give practical tools for a brighter and healthier future

Also Available: 

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