Divorce Care For Kids

Divorce Care for Kids (DC4K)

Adults aren’t the only ones affected by divorce. The impact on children can be large and lasting. Divorce Care for Kids is meant to help lessen the affects of divorce on children and let them know that while adult decisions affect them, they were not responsible for the decision although they can feel that way. They can also have hope that eventually they can have healthy and lasting marriage relationships themselves.

Is your elementary-age child hurting because of the divorce/separation of their parents? Are they acting out, depressed, angry or maybe isolating themselves? DC4K is a safe place for children, 6 – 12 years old, to find help, hope and begin healing. 

During our 14 week series, children make friends with others who know what it feels like when parents divorce/separate. Our DC4K group combines games, crafts, activities, and DVD dramas to create an atmosphere where children are comfortable and accepted. Leaders are Safe Keepers and are well trained to lovingly guide children through the beginning of their healing process. They come to know joy and hope built on God’s love. 

For more information on the DC4K national organization, check out their website at www. dc4k.org 

Tuesdays, 6:30–8:30pm in Room 205
Next term starts January 14, 2020
Fee: $15 for 1st child, $10 for each additional child
New attendees are welcome to begin any time.

Free childcare is available for infants – 5 yrs old. If childcare is needed, please request it on your registration form. 

Also Available: 

DivorceCare: Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm. For more info. Visit our DivorceCare Page

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