God is Generous

We Simply Respond

Our church family is committed to Gospel work in our community and around the world.
Become part of the most exciting cause.


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Ways to Give

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Give at Church

Every Sunday, we take a moment to give back to God and support His work on earth.



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Mail a Check

First Baptist Church
3550 Fox Meadow Road Eugene, OR 97408

Your Part Matters

Church is a team effort, and our church family is committed to support the Gospel work being done in our community and around the world.

Give to Gospel Work

Creative Giving

Over the years, people have found unique ways to give. If you’d like to talk more about these creative options, please contact our Accounting Office (541-345-0341 ext 103)

Stocks and Bonds – We will gladly accept gifts of stocks or bonds. Donations of this type are sold immediately when received, regardless of what the market may be doing at that time. You will need to contact our Accounting Office (541-345-0341 ext 103) to notify us when you plan to initiate a stock transfer into our account so that we can provide you with the account and transfer numbers. We will also take your information at that time to ensure you receive the giving credit on your contribution statement.

Estate Planning – There are many ways to provide long-term funding to the local church through estate planning. This is a great way to leave a legacy behind and truly invest in God’s kingdom for future generations to come.

Other Gifts/Donations – First Baptist also accepts gifts of property, real estate, and other non-cash items depending on the circumstances. If you are considering a non-cash gift, please consult your tax advisor to ensure this is the right choice for you. For more information, you can contact our Accounting Office at (541) 345-0341 ext 103.