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Redeemed, Renewed, & Restored

The heart of Renewal Ministries truly is rooted in Isaiah 61…a ministry to take up the call from our Sovereign Lord to bring good news to the poor, to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to those in captivity, to comfort all who mourn…to offer hope that beauty truly could come from ashes, that joy could come to those who mourn, praise could overcome despair and that all in Christ could truly become oaks of righteousness for the display of His splendor, not only in spite of but also because of where they have been and what they have walked through.

We invite you to join us in the journey toward greater wholeness and healing by the grace and power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through one of our many classes and support groups here in Renewal.


NOTICE: As it is currently necessary for us to be practicing Social Distancing, we will be suspending all Renewal classes and support group meetings at FBC for the time being. But we are in the process of working out virtual meeting opportunities, and we will post here as those become available. Contact us at for more information.

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Safe People

Safe People provides skills in finding relationships that are good for you and avoiding those that are not.

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Pure Desire

For Men Only
For men who have become addicted to sexual behaviors harmful to their social, family and spiritual well-being.

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Betrayal & Beyond

Support for women who have been affected by men in their lives that struggle with sexual addiction (pornography, infidelity, compulsive sexual behavior, etc)

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Abortion Recovery

Abortion Recovery – Find safety and healing in a post-abortion support group with a Bible-based study that allows women to experience forgiveness and healing for their abortion

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A support group for men and women who are hurting from separation or divorce.

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DivorceCare for Kids

For kids suffering from divorced or separated parents to experience healing, joy and hope built on God’s love.

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Couples Coaching

Provides strategies and skill building for seriously dating/engaged couples, couples wanting more from marriage, or marriages looking for renewal.

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Chained No More

This class provides healing and freedom from the divorce experience of childhood.

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Reboot Recovery

Combat Recovery and First Responders is for Christ-centered engaging and and healing for wounds of combat and PTSD 

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People to Be Loved

A support group for families with loved ones in the LGBTQ+ Community.

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A support group offering help and encouragement after the death of a spouse, child, family member or friend.

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Life’s Losses & Grief

A support group for those who have experienced loss–death of a loved one, goal or dream, job, health, etc.

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When Life Hurts

When Life Hurts offers hope and comfort to those who have experienced pain and suffering and/or those who would like insight into ministering to others in pain.

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Memory & More

A support group for caregivers, family and friends of those experiencing memory loss

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Boundaries provides an opportunity to learn biblical principles in relating to one another.

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Button Pushers

Button Pushers discovers ways to apply boundaries to the button pushers in our lives.

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