Update 8/20: CCF’s launch for the school year will be Thursday, October 1st. AO and Trinity Houses have spots remaining and will be opening in mid-September for residents.


What Is CCF?

Collegiate Christian Fellowship (CCF) is the college-aged ministry of First Baptist Church. We meet near the University of Oregon campus.

Our mission is to be disciples who make disciples by living, loving, and leading like Jesus. We are a community committed to helping college-aged people from all walks of life know and grow in Jesus Christ.

Thursday Night Gatherings

Thursday Gatherings will begin October 1st at 7:30pm at the First Baptist Church Gymnasium

Life Groups

Life groups are our college-aged bible studies where emphasis is placed on building deeper relationships, finding fellowship and support, knowing God more intimately, and experiencing life together.

Life Groups Will Launch In October!

AO House

1332 Kincaid St, Eugene, OR

The Alpha Omega House is our co-op house for men, owned by First Baptist that provide community  for college-aged men.

Learn More about the AO House

Trinity House

1987 University St, Eugene, OR

The Trinity House is our co-op house for women, owned by First Baptist that provide community  for college-aged women.

Learn More about the Trinity House

Stay in Touch

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College Team

College Pastor
College Women's Director


Quick Locations

“The Box”                                  
661 East 19th Ave                 Corner of 19th and Patterson

Trinity House
1987 University St
Eugene, OR 97403

AO House
1332 Kincaid St
Eugene, OR 97401